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Ryan Osbourne, Collaborative Lawyer

I am a settlement oriented collaborative family lawyer and mediator.

Collaborative is also a state of mind for me. It means that no matter what, we work together to keep the focus on the things that are important to you. It means we work with other people, parties, and professionals in a respectful manner. It means that we acknowledge and work with the deeply personal aspects of your situation in order to move forward. And yes, sometimes it means giving a little to get a little or checking our ego at the door.  

No offense to my colleagues – but the best compliment I get is when people tell me they are surprised I am a lawyer. Don’t get me wrong – I am good at the law – but I my real strength is working with the person behind the client. I want to get to know people, help them feel comfortable while dealing with a crappy situation, and maybe bond over a laugh while we do it. I don’t judge or tell you what to do. I just try to help you get where you need to go as painlessly as possible.

My approach is customizable, efficient, and practical – because I don’t want to do any more work than I have to either. I also work within budgets and flat fee arrangements whenever possible.  Hopefully this makes dealing with your situation more predictable and less stressful and time consuming. 

Prior to starting Osbourne Collaborative Law in 2020, I was a full-time litigation lawyer in downtown Toronto. Feel free to ask me why I left that life behind! I have also spent time as an insurance broker and competitive athlete, among other things. More recently, I’ve gotten into writing, cats, and cooking. Yes these interests really took off during COVID lockdowns. 

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  • Juris Doctor, Osgoode Hall law School
  • Licensed by the Law Society of Ontario
  • Trained in Collaborative Family Law
  • Trained in Mediation (Family and Community/Civil)

“Osbourne Collaborative Law is a great firm.
Ryan answered all my questions promptly and kept me updated throughout the whole process.”

We were able to resolve the case and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for a lawyer that is prompt, caring, understanding and gets the job done! The effort that was put in was amazing – I simply cannot put into words how thankful I am to have had Osbourne Collaborative Law take my case.

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